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About Corrine

In her 14 years as a sports therapist Corrine has worked with over 50 professional athletes and in training facilities for several sports.  She is also an approved therapist for the Detroit Lions.

She is licensed in multiple states and continues to work with and learn from strength coaches, physical therapists, pitching coaches, athletic trainers and chiropractors across the country.

Her experience as a professional ballroom dancer, combined with her training makes her an expert in the way athletes move & train.  She uses her training in movement mechanics, pain referral and body balance to find the source of the problem and then provide corrective exercises to keep it from reoccurring.




Graduate of the Ann Arbor Institute for Massage Therapy with a specialty in Sports Massage, Deep Tissue and Neuro-muscular Therapy.


  • Upper Extremity (Shoulder) - Elite Baseball Mentorship, Cressey Sports Performance.

  • Orthopedic Assessment and treatment for the low back, sacrum & pelvis, Benjamin Institute

  • Orthopedic Assessment and Treatment of the Shoulder, Benjamin Institute

  • Manual therapy for Sports injuries from The center for Orthopedic Massage & Pain Management

  • Postural Assessment & Body Balancing.



"What I've learned is every athlete is different.  You are the sum of your sport, your past and your habits both on and off the field. Your ability to move decides your velocity, your agility, your potential for injury and your bodies ability to recover.  How you take care of your body dictates the longevity of your career.

Sports & Therapeutic Massage

Stretching, Mobility



Cupping, Scraping

There is no ONE style of treatment.  Your goals dictate what combination of therapy will be best for you."

            HOW IT WORKS


Once you feel it, it's almost too late. Pain is a symptom, and is often the LAST indication that there is a problem.  An athletes body is an amazing thing.  It is an expert at compensation and getting the job done in anyway possible.


"I watch video of my pitchers throw, or players skating or the injury as it happened play by play.  I watch you walk, squat, warm up, and learn your style of play.

Movement analysis shows me where your imbalance is and ultimately what to treat and what to bring to the attention of your strength coach or trainer."

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