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As a defenseman playing professional hockey I was experiencing lower back and pelvic pain.   Corrine took the time to listen to my issues, she went home and watched my style of play and learned my position on the ice.  Corrine wanted to know when, where and how often I was feeling the pain.  Corrine not only worked on the specific areas to loosen, stretch and strengthen them; she taught me how to work on extra stretching techniques before and after workouts and games. She educated me on the importance of balancing and stretching the areas of my body  I use everyday. The best thing is she is always a text away. She answers any questions and gives me suggestions during the season when I am not in her area.  She finds time to fit me in when I do come home for a few days. Thanks to her my pain is gone and I know more about my body, so I can prevent future injures.

Pat Sieloff, Ottawa Senators

I was misdiagnosed after fall ball in 2013 with what I thought was just a strained groin. The problem nagged on into the off season but with Corrine's help I was able to figure out the underlying issues and get thru my workouts and get to Spring Training feeling as good as I could have!

– Ryan, CF MLB

"All it took was one visit with Corrine before I was hooked. She knows what she’s talking about and goes the extra mile in every aspect of her work. She has helped with my imbalances and has taught me how to maintain my body’s strength pre, post, and in-season.” – Niko Porikos, U of M Hockey

"When you feel your best, you can perform at your best. Corrine has helped me identify and correct  several issues that arise for my body when it comes to pitching. With her help, I have been able to keep my body and arm feeling great for 5 seasons of professional baseball"

– Alan Oaks, Professional Baseball Pitcher

I play a position in sports that can sometimes lead to over use of one side. That happened to me and with that came a lot of pain and discomfort. Corrine was knowledgeable and skilled enough to not only rid me of pain but also balancing my body encouraging optimal performance – Pat White, WVU Quarterback

I signed my first professional baseball contract two years after a serious shoulder surgery ended my college career, and it could not have been accomplished without the help of Corrine. Corrine's unique massage techniques helped me finally get healthy as she was able to get rid of the lingering pain, weakness and tightness I was experiencing post-surgery. On top of that, she was constantly explaining to me the biomechanics of my arm and everything I needed to do to take care of myself when I was not on her massage table. I became knowledgable and prepared to maintain my newfound strength and flexibility during the season when I was not able to make it into her office.

- Matt Broder, LHP Professional Baseball

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